I will be giving a talk on the HL Biology marking scheme this evening in the Education Building in NUIG. All biology teachers welcome. Please find the presentation for this below. The link to download the presentation is at the bottom of this post.
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Want to find out more information? Ask your science teacher and check out their website:
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Welcome back to all students over the coming few days. The website has been very quiet over the summer, but will be updated everyday for the coming school year - so check back regularly. I am hoping to introduce many new initiatives for the website this year - including competitions for students, updating this blog page much more regularly with exciting updates and discoveries in the world of science and updating the biology notes - making them better (with animations and interactive content in the not-too-distant future!)
Best of luck to all biology students in tomorrow's exam!
Last minute revision hints:
  • Go over important definitions - especially those in Unit 2: the study of life.
  • Go over important schematic diagrams - such as those describing photosynthesis, respiration, nutrient recycling, menstrual cycle, hormonal negative feedback, cell cycle, binary fission, endospore formation, and reproduction in Rhizopus.
  • Revise important experiments (especially the effect of pH on enzyme activity - which has never been examined!). Important experiments include all the enzyme experiments (four experiments); DNA isolation, dissection of the heart; production of alcohol using yeast; and ecology activities.
  • Finally, take a quick look over the mind maps at the end of each chapter of Bio!!!!